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        Super-Tenacity on precision manufacturing Technology

        STT bearing was established by a group of Chinese engineers who involved in Japanese bearing industry from the early of 90's.

        We are a domestic company and producing bearing with Japanese JIS standard on the basis of learning Japanese bearing industry technology and integrating Chinese bearing industry related characteristics. The distinctive cost effective points are the main reason of our bearings widely praised by customers.

        In order to improve our intelligent manufacturing level, we have built a new bearing factory and equipment workshop in Wujiang, Suzhou to produce the self-developed ultra precison bearing and related facilities and equipments.     

        General structure series
        Including 600 series, MR series, R series. These types of bearing can carry a radial load and axial load in both directions simultaneously. Featuring low frictional torque and all types could be sealed by shields or rubber seals to prevent leakage of lubricating grease or entry of foreign matter, it is suitable for applications where high rotation speed or low noise and vibration are required. They are most widely used.
        Outer ring with flange structure series
        Including 600 series, MR series, R series. These types of bearing have a flange on the outside surface and are easy to install on the axial direction based on the housing side.
        Outer ring with locating groove structure series
        Including 600 series, MR series. These types of bearing have a groove on the outside surface. It can be assembled with locating ring or expansion ring. With this type of bearing, mounting in a housing is simple, as its positioning in the axial direction is carried out using a locating snap ring.
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